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Welcome To Altius Mortgage Utah’s Premier Mortgage Lenders!

At Altius Mortgage, a well-established mortgage company in Utah, we pledge to provide you with the absolute best service, the lowest rates and the most comprehensive communication during the loan process.

  • Come experience why our clients love us and continue to refer more and more business to us!
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Your Premier Loan Resource and Service Provider

Clients from across Utah trust Altius when it comes to their home buying and refinancing needs. We understand that the needs of our clients may vary, so we offer a range of loan options to suit every situation. Whether you are applying for a loan to own a new home or to refinance an existing mortgage in Utah, we are here to help with access to the programs offered by Utah’s top mortgage lenders. As the trusted mortgage company in Salt Lake City, Altius Mortgage is here to help you find the right company to make your loan process as easy as possible.

We are proudly serving clients from Salt Lake City, Sandy, West Jordan, Draper and the rest of Utah!

Getting a mortgage loan does not have to be a difficult and stressful process.

Sometimes a simple “can do” attitude makes all the difference in the world. Our loan officers are trained and experienced, and have the desire to get you qualified with the best rate and terms possible for your individual situation, even if that takes a little bit of creativity and innovation. We know there is a program out there for you and we will help you find it.

How We Do It

As brokers we are able to shop a lot of different banks, rates and promotions to help you achieve your goals and get into your new home, or refinance your current one, with a low rate and exceptional terms. We use our extensive network and connections to bring you the finest loan options and will answer your questions so you learn everything you need to know about the mortgage industry.

Simply put, we’ll make your home buying process or refinancing experience an enjoyable one, and getting you a great rate and better terms is just part of what we do. We look forward to adding you to our long list of incredibly satisfied clients!

Stop by and visit us today. Contact us to find out more about our services and to schedule an appointment with one of our Utah mortgage brokers.

“Speed” is our middle name!




“Easy” is our favorite word!

Our Utah mortgage lenders are no pressure, easy to work with, and eager to answer any and all of your questions with absolutely no obligation. We want to make the process as easy as possible for our clients, and we do our best to make every step of the process simplified. You won’t find any other mortgage lenders Utah who will work as hard as we do to make the process simple.

New Loan or Refinance

Whether you are getting a new Utah mortgage loan, refinancing, or buying a home for the very first time, we want to be your new friend in the mortgage industry. At Altius Mortgage, our agents strive to give you all the information you need to make the loan process run as smoothly as possible.



"At Altius Mortgage, we work to provide you the best and most comprehensive service during your Utah mortgage loan process. Our Utah mortgage lenders are experts and will be in communication with you throughout the entire process. You’ll come to expect the best through our customized Process of Excellence. Our team will raise your expectations to a higher level for a mortgage company while we work to provide your lending needs. With our unbeatable service, communication with clients, and attention to detail, it comes as no surprise that we are the top mortgage lenders Utah has."

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