Credit Report Cost:
Without Co-borrower = $21.50
With Co-borrower $43 (You’ll receive a report for both borrowers)

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Credit Reports

To qualify for a Utah mortgage, you’ll need a credit report for each person who wants to be included as a borrower on your home loan.

Altius Mortgage has streamlined the home loan pre-qualification and qualification processes, making them fast, easy, and cost-effective for every potential borrower. As a part of our online mortgage application service, we’ve made it possible to pull your credit report with just a few clicks.

You can pull your own report right here, safely, and securely. There’s no need to traipse around to the different credit bureaus. Our tri-merge credit reports include all the data you’re looking for from TransUnion, Equifax, and Experian. You can review your report for any potential errors or inaccuracies. You can also get a glimpse of any areas you may want to work on, in advance of applying for your loan.

Once you pull your credit reports, we encourage you to talk with one of our Utah mortgage loan experts. We have a wide variety of loan programs available for purchasing a home or refinancing your existing mortgage. We also have reverse mortgages, first-time homebuyer loans, and low- or no-down-payment loans.

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