This is a little late! We refinanced our house this week. My sister, Tresa, retired from her job at the IRS after 35 years. She jumped into being a loan broker. All those years of meticulous experience paid off. She was able to save us a huge chunk of change on our house payment. We skipped our December payment and got enough back to pay January’s payment. What a Christmas gift right?!?! lol. She rocked our loan and was on every detail. At closing she gave us this cutting board along with a gift card. The date is the day we moved into our home last year. I’d like to say she did it because we’re family but that’s just how she is. I love that we will have this for years to come. If you need a home loan or if your curious about a refinance hit her up. She’s definitely not pushy. If she can’t get you a better rate no one can. Thanks sis!