Home Loan Services in Draper, Utah

At Altius Mortgage, we’re proud to provide comprehensive home loan services to prospective buyers throughout Draper, Utah and surrounding areas. Whether you’re a first-time homebuyer looking at your options, an experienced real estate flipper or someone looking at home refinancing, we’re here to help with friendly, dedicated loan professionals.

We’ve spent years providing Utahns with not only high-quality mortgage programs and fantastic mortgage rates, but also experience and expertise. We always prepare our clients and ensure all their documentation is up to par, ensuring their chances of approval for their desired loan program are as high as possible. Speak to our staff today to learn more about our various mortgage services.

Dedicated, Experienced Loan Officers

At Altius Mortgage, we only employ fully trained, licensed and experienced loan officers and staffers to assist our clients. No matter which of our services you require, you’ll receive them from a friendly, professional loan officer who has helped numerous clients in similar situations to yours.

This means not only helping you with documentation and your application process, but also assisting you with identifying the ideal mortgage program and rates for your situation. We help guide our clients toward the right setup, a service that helps numerous buyers with their futures.

Our Mortgage Services

We’re proud to offer a huge variety of mortgage programs, all with some of the best rates available in the industry. This begins with a basic assessment of your finances and debt history, plus a look at your broad housing desires and needs and how these match up with the programs you’re likely to qualify for.

From here, we’ll point you in the right direction from a selection of our quality loan offerings. We offer not only conventional mortgage situations, but also programs like FHA, VA, USDA and many others that meet the needs of many specific borrowers. Our mortgages are available in both fixed and adjustable rate programs, and we offer term lengths that run from shorter periods like 15 years up to traditional 30-year terms.

In addition, we’re also proud to offer comprehensive mortgage refinancing services to those looking at this area. Whether you’re trying to lower your payments, restructure the loan, consolidate debt or even rid yourself of private mortgage insurance requirements, we’ll assess your loan compared to current market rates and advise you on whether refinancing might be the best approach.

To learn about any of our home loan services in Draper, Utah, speak to the staff at Altius Mortgage today.