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Altius Mortgage is Utah Home Loans Professional

Whether you are a first time home purchaser or a seasoned home buyer, having an expert at your side from beginning to end is imperative when considering the changes that the mortgage industry has experienced in the last few years. At Altius Mortgage, we offer several tools to help you with your Utah home loan process.

Many of the tools exist right on our website:

Location, location, location! The real estate industry’s constant when it comes to where you decide to purchase or refinance, and the value attached to that property. We at Altius Mortgage believe the same hold’s true for choosing a mortgage company. Locate a professional that knows your area. Locate a professional that has your best interest. Locate a professional that you can trust! We are that location!


Use the mortgage calculator to feel confident that a change is what your circumstance can handle or needs. Just as the pre-qualification calculators, you can use the mortgage calculator as often as you like. We know things can change on a dime, the mortgage calculator is there for you to help you make a decision about your home loan.


You can start your ONLINE application right at your own computer on your own time, whether you are at home or at the office. We want to make it convenient as possible. Whether you are filling out the quick application to help decide if a home loan is right for you, or jump right into the longer online application which will provide Altius Mortgage with all the information needed to get your Utah home loan on its way, you will find the online application process the convenient wave of the future.


You can create a personal log-in account, that only you can access, allowing you to tap right into the notes and progress of your home loan. Your convenience is our goal.


We offer several different Fixed and Adjustable Rate Mortgages. Whether it be a traditional 30 year Fixed Rate Mortgage or a 7 year ARM, we offer several options for your convenience.


For those over 62 years of age, needing a little extra cash, a reverse mortgage could be the answer.


If you prefer not to talk to one of our agents over the phone, you will see in the bottom right hand corner of our website our ‘Chat Option’. Just type in your question and momentarily you will receive an answer via the ‘Chat Option’. Easy and so convenient.

A home loan need not be a difficult process. At Altius Mortgage we make it an easy and pleasant experience. Contact one of our professionals today by CLICKING HERE or you can call (801) 542-7080. The chat option is also available in the lower right hand corner of your screen.

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