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Mortgage Companies in Utah

At Altius Mortgage, we provide the best possible Utah mortgages for our clients. We are with you every step of the way, from calculating your loan potential to getting your application finalized and complete, and then to securing the perfect mortgage loan for you. On this page you’ll find several different mortgage calculators, each designed for a different purpose. We can show you what the mortgage rates in Utah are at any given moment, and then work to get you the best possible rate. With our calculators, you can also find out what your borrowing potential is. Knowledge is your power in the loan process, and we are here to help you.

Use our calculators below to determine your payment, calculate how much you can afford, estimate the benefits of owning a home vs renting, etc.

Or download our mobile app and calculate your mortgage payment on any home on the fly!  It’s a free app that works on both iPhone and Android! Download it today!

Our expert loan officers will help you decide just how much you can borrow. They’ll also get you the best mortgage rates Utah has to offer, and help you decide what terms would be best for your situation. We can help you decide if a fixed rate is right for you and how much you can afford. You are welcome to use any of the calculators on this page as much as you like and experiment with different scenarios. We are also available anytime to help you with questions you may have with no obligation. We want you to be comfortable and get the answers you need.  Our agents are the best of all the mortgage companies in Utah, and we do our best to provide the most comprehensive service out there.

With our many calculators, you can figure out how much you can afford, how much you can borrow, and whether a 15-year or 30-year mortgage would be best for your situation. You can also learn the benefits of refinancing and calculate how much your interest will be as well as if it will be to your advantage. We’ll work hard to get you the best rates mortgagecompanies in Utah can offer. Feel free to use any of our calculators below, and then contact one of our loan officers to get started!

We also offer an easy ‘chat option’ in the lower right hand corner of our website. You can simply type in your question and one of our agents will come back with a timely response. It is that easy and convenient for you. Our goal is your comfort and ease in accomplishing the mortgage goals which will get you the best mortgage for your situation and the best mortgage rate in Utah.

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