Discover Mortgage Products That Can Help You

Mortgages are valuable loan opportunities that can help you get into the home you have always wanted. In fact, virtually everyone who owns a home achieves this goal with the help of a mortgage. This means that the process of applying for a mortgage is just as important as the process of buying a home; just as much care and deliberation should be taken when making both decisions. Altius Mortgage has helped clients discover the mortgage solutions that fit their goals and financial lifestyles perfectly. Here are a few things to keep in mind when determining which mortgage services are right for you.

What Distinguishes the Right Mortgage?

The general guideline for determining how much home you can afford is to take your annual income and multiply it by two or three. This gives you a basic idea of the price range you can reasonably afford. However, do not begin selecting mortgages just based on this amount. There are other things that can affect your borrowing power, such as:

  • Current debts and savings
  • Your personal employment history
  • Your credit history

Making a down payment is a very good idea and it can make fulfilling the terms of your mortgage considerably simpler. While down payments are not necessarily a required part of getting a mortgage, this is a sound way to begin life as a home owner.

Based on these and other criteria, some mortgage services may be more or less well-suited to your particular needs. That will help you eliminate some options from consideration.

Help for Prospective Home Owners

Upon learning what criteria borrowers must meet to qualify for good mortgages, some prospective home buyers might think that home ownership is entirely out of reach. There are actually several programs that can help people achieve this dream. You may be more qualified than you realize. The best way to learn if these programs could help you is to talk with an associate at Altius Mortgage.

A More Affordable Way to Borrow

Prospective home buyers are usually aware that mortgage loans are one of the best ways to achieve their dream of property ownership. These valuable lending services have the potential to address many of the financial concerns affecting people shopping in the current housing market. As advantageous as a mortgage clearly is, some homeowners are concerned about the various fees and costs associated with this loan. Typically, escrow fees and other costs have to be addressed. Some mortgages allow borrowers to apply the fee total to amount borrowed and pay it off that way. Altius Mortgage offers no-fee mortgage loans to simplify borrowing even further. This is a great way to refinance without spending a lot of extra money while doing so.

You Can Refinance Without Paying More

Not everyone has the money to pay for all the fees associated with getting approved for a conventional mortgage loan. This leads some people to assume that they have no lending opportunities available to them at all. In reality, there is actually a diversity of mortgage program services currently offered and some of them involve minimal fees or none at all.

Is This the Right Option for Me?

There are a few indications that a no-fee mortgage might be right for you. These include:

  • If you will not be staying in your current home for more than another five years or so
  • If you wish to refinance a current home or purchase a new one
  • If there are no other mortgage solutions that suit your needs

Speaking with an experienced mortgage lender can help you clarify whether or not a no-fee mortgage is good for you. They can explain what distinguishes these loans and tell you more about what circumstances can be best addressed. There may be other lending opportunities that are better-suited to your particular financial circumstances and housing needs. Call Altius Mortgage today to speak with a representative.