Avoiding Any Issues With Underwriting During a Home Purchase


avoiding issues underwriting home purchase

There are a few important phases that you’ll cross through during a home purchase, and one of these that’s closer to the end of the road is known as underwriting. This ...

Understanding Transfer Taxes During a Home Sale


transfer taxes home sale

If you’re a homeowner planning to move into a new home, and therefore selling your old one, it’s important to note that your sale isn’t necessarily over once pape ...

Home Appraisal Basics During a Mortgage Application


home appraisal mortgage application

Within the mortgage and homebuying world, one vital piece of the process to understand is the appraisal. Designed to produce a fair and unbiased value for a home about to be purcha ...

Basics and Benefits of Mortgage Automation


basics benefits mortgage automation

For many decades, mortgages and their related services required huge amounts of paperwork and manual data entry. This began to change with the advent of computers, and has continue ...

Mortgage Application: Step By Step


Mortgage Application

At Altius Mortgage and our partners at Mortgage Ogden, we’ll help walk you through every step of what can be a complex mortgage process. Home loans are some of the largest expens ...

Is Now the Right Time for a Mortgage?


right time

As top mortgage brokers in Utah, we at Altius Mortgage and our partners at Mortgage Ogden are here to do more than just give you some money and usher you out the door. Rather, we p ...

Down Payment Average Basics


down payment

There are several important parts of a given mortgage situation, and for many people, the down payment is chief among these. As the largest chunk of cash you’ll be asked to put d ...

Basics on Down Payment Wire Fraud



You come to a mortgage group like Altius Mortgage and our partners at Mortgage Ogden because you want a reputable, experienced company to walk you through what can be a complex pro ...

Notable Mortgage Trends to Know


girl talking on phone

Within the mortgage world, it’s vital to stay on top of various market indicators that can dictate a huge part of the financial picture for your next home loan. At Altius Mortgag ...

Details on Changing Credit Reporting


credit card score

  As a top mortgage company in Utah, we at Altius Mortgage and our partners at Mortgage Ogden are always abreast of big changes in or around the industry that might impact you ...