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Friendly, Professional Mortgage Brokers 

Having an experienced mortgage broker in Utah by your side is the key to getting the ideal mortgage you need. Whether you’re borrowing for your first home purchase or looking to refinance an existing one, the process will be easier with the help of someone who understands the ins and outs of real estate and home financing.

Altius Mortgage Group is home to friendly and experienced loan officers. We all love working in the mortgage industry and we are all real estate mortgage professionals. Whether you’re an experienced borrower or a first time home buyer, we can make your dream come true. Discuss your needs and goals with one of our mortgage brokers in Salt Lake City.

Brokers Who Understand You

Altius Mortgage Group gives you the privilege to work with a broker who understands you and share your interests, goals, and desires. We strive to provide quality service on a personal level, making sure you get the professional help you need throughout the loan process. A mortgage broker from Altius Mortgage Group is your advisor, spokesperson, and friend.

A dedicated and transparent service is our promise. We keep you informed about the requirements and the status of your loan application. Your broker is available anytime – just call and you’ll get the answers you need right away.

The Altius Mortgage Group Promise

Altius Mortgage Group is your one-stop resource for all your home buying and financing needs in Utah. We treat your loan application as if it’s ours. Our brokers know how and where to find the best loan deals in the state. We’ll get you a loan with a convenient term, interest rate, and monthly payment.

Our mortgage brokers serve individuals and families from all walks of life and in all of Utah, through our offices in Salt Lake City, Ogden, Sandy, West Jordan, and Draper. Our team offers expertise in all facets of home financing, including conventional and government-insured loans, first-time home buyer programs, refinancing, and personalized options offered by various institutions.

Why Hire a Mortgage Broker?

Hiring a mortgage broker in Utah is just one of the many ways consumers can acquire home financing. Buyers may also go directly to banks and private lenders, shop and compare rates using online tools, and inquire to government agencies about their options. While both routes have pros and cons, the first one takes the grunt work of applying for loans out of your hands and is more likely to yield the desired outcome.

By hiring a mortgage broker, you don’t have to go through the stressful and time-consuming process of comparing and assessing rates, interests, eligibility requirements, and loan guidelines. There’s also a higher chance that you will close on your home sooner. What better way to navigate the real estate and mortgage industry than to give the rudder to an experienced Utah mortgage broker?

Get in touch with Altius Mortgage Group today and discuss your needs and goals with one of our mortgage brokers in Salt Lake City.