Impact of Home Assessments on Mortgage Payments, Part 2


In part one of this two-part blog series, we went over some of the basics of a home assessment, including how it compares to home appraisal and what it’s used for. Home assessmen ...

Understanding Mortgage Loan-to-Value Ratio


mortgage loan-to-value ratio

You’ll hear several industry terms when applying for a mortgage, and one such term might be “loan-to-value ratio.” Abbreviated LTV, this ratio is an important number viewed b ...

Factors That Influence Mortgage Rates


factors influence mortgage rates

Whether you’re considering a new mortgage or a refinance, one of the key factors you’ll be interested in is the rate you’re getting. This rate, which refers to the percentage ...

Basics on Mortgage Rate Lock-In Timing


basics mortgage rate lock-in

When it comes to getting a mortgage loan, few factors are more important than your interest rate. Even a small change in your interest rate could have major implications for your t ...

Is Now the Right Time for a Mortgage?


right time

As top mortgage brokers in Utah, we at Altius Mortgage and our partners at Mortgage Ogden are here to do more than just give you some money and usher you out the door. Rather, we p ...

Lowering Mortgage Payments Without Refinancing


exchanging money

A mortgage is a long-term commitment, and for some people, finances can naturally change over the life of a longer mortgage loan. In some situations, borrowers will find themselves ...

Learning the Basics of Down Payments



When looking for a new home, particularly their first, many people are naturally concerned about the down payment. This number, which stands for the amount of cash you put down up ...

Why a Reverse Mortgage Might be Right for You


couple talking with loan officer

When most of us think of a mortgage, the first thing that comes to mind is a long term expense. That’s natural, after all – for plenty of people, a home loan is the largest and ...

The Benefits of Refinancing a Home Mortgage



For people looking to increase their financial flexibility or limit a major financial burden, a mortgage refinance can be a great way to go. While the term has taken on a negative ...

5 Factors That Help Determine Mortgage Rates


couple talking with loan officer

Perhaps the most important consideration out there when searching for a mortgage loan is mortgage rate. The interest rate you qualify for on a mortgage might be the single largest ...