Increasing Approval Likelihood for West Jordan FHA Loans


increasing approval FHA loans

There are certain mortgage loan programs that are often considered ideal for first-time homebuyers as they hit the market, and the FHA loan program is one of the chief examples. Ba ...

How to Qualify for a Home Loan as a First-Time Buyer


qualify home loan first-time

If you’re preparing to enter the homebuying market for the first time, one of your key concerns might be qualifying for the ideal mortgage loan to suit your needs. At the sam ...

Key Advantages of FHA Loans for Homebuyers


advantages FHA loans homebuyers

There are a few major government-backed mortgage programs that are enormously beneficial for many clients, and one of the most well-known here, particularly for first-time buyers, ...

Considerations When Securing an FHA Loan


considerations securing FHA loan

Recently in this space, we went over some of the key advantages of utilizing the FHA loan program for many homebuyers, particularly first-time buyers. With lower credit and down pa ...

Roles Played by a Loan Officer During Homebuying


roles loan officer homebuying

There are a few key professionals you’ll be working with if you need to obtain a mortgage to purchase a home, and one that will definitely be on this list is a loan officer. ...

How to Proceed When Your SLC Home Offer is Accepted


proceed home offer accepted

If you’ve just had your offer on the home of your dreams accepted by the seller of the home, you’re likely over the moon right now. This is one of the most exciting tim ...

Avoiding Any Issues With Underwriting During a Home Purchase


avoiding issues underwriting home purchase

There are a few important phases that you’ll cross through during a home purchase, and one of these that’s closer to the end of the road is known as underwriting. This ...

Choosing Between Buying, Building or Fixing a New Home


buying building fixing new home

As supply for homes on the market remains somewhat limited compared to demand, making this a continued seller’s market, many buyers are looking at every avenue they might hav ...

Factors in the Provo Home Price You Can Afford


factors home price afford

There are several major concepts you might be thinking about as you prepare to apply for a mortgage and enter the homebuying world, and one of the most important for most buyers is ...

Financial and Other Major Benefits of Homeownership


financial major benefits homeownership

If you're considering your first home purchase in the near future but haven't fully pulled the trigger yet, you may have read or heard quite a bit about all the benefits that come ...