How to Qualify for a Home Loan as a First-Time Buyer


qualify home loan first-time

If you’re preparing to enter the homebuying market for the first time, one of your key concerns might be qualifying for the ideal mortgage loan to suit your needs. At the sam ...

Roles Played by a Loan Officer During Homebuying


roles loan officer homebuying

There are a few key professionals you’ll be working with if you need to obtain a mortgage to purchase a home, and one that will definitely be on this list is a loan officer. ...

How to Proceed When Your SLC Home Offer is Accepted


proceed home offer accepted

If you’ve just had your offer on the home of your dreams accepted by the seller of the home, you’re likely over the moon right now. This is one of the most exciting tim ...

Factors in the Provo Home Price You Can Afford


factors home price afford

There are several major concepts you might be thinking about as you prepare to apply for a mortgage and enter the homebuying world, and one of the most important for most buyers is ...

The Vital Numbers to Think About When Applying for a Mortgage


vital numbers applying mortgage

If you’re ready to buy a home, one of the first and most important steps to this process is securing your financing, which primarily comes in the form of a mortgage loan. Doi ...

Non-Conforming Mortgage Basics and Common Needs


non-conforming mortgage needs

There are a number of different mortgage types and programs out there, and one that some people don’t fully understand is the non-conforming mortgage. While it’s true t ...

The Variables That Determine Your Mortgage Interest Rate


variables mortgage interest rate

Interest rate is one of the most important considerations for anyone looking into securing a mortgage and buying a home, as it will have a major impact on how much you’ll pay ...

Pre-Qualification vs. Pre-Approval for SLC Homebuyers


pre-qualification pre-approval homebuyers

During the very earliest stages of your entry into the mortgage and homebuying world, two terms you may hear often are pre-approval and pre-qualification. And while these are simil ...

Mortgage Closing Disclosure: Purpose and Method


mortgage closing disclosure method

In part one of this two-part blog series, we went over some of the basics on mortgage closing disclosures. These are important documents that are sent to borrowers just ahead of th ...

Mortgage Closing Disclosures: Basics for Park City Homebuyers


mortgage closing disclosures basics

First-time homebuyers entering the market often have a number of questions, especially around the steps and documents involved in the process of obtaining a loan and securing their ...