The Factors That Change ARM Rates


adjustable rate mortgage

For certain people, adjustable-rate mortgages are the preferred loan format. This is a format where mortgage rates can change through the life of the loan, and the number you’re ...

Learning the Benefits of No Cost Mortgages


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At Altius Mortgage and our partners at Mortgage Ogden, it’s our mission to get you the best mortgage option for your situation. Our mortgage brokers are trained to spot the detai ...

Learning and Managing Credit Score Calculation Factors


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No matter what mortgage area you’re looking into, credit score is going to be a huge factor no matter what. It’s one of the single largest factors in getting you the best mortg ...

The Basics of the Pre-Approval Process


Everyone is looking for that edge when they search for a new home loan, and at Altius Mortgage, we’ll help you get it. One of the processes we encourage our clients to investigat ...

Keeping Credit Score High for a Mortgage


For people looking for the best mortgage rate possible on a big home loan, there are few factors more important than credit score. This basic measure goes a long way to determining ...

Avoiding Common Mortgage Mistakes


The mortgage application process can be complex or difficult for many people, and that’s why a trusted mortgage broker like Altius Mortgage is so important. We’ve seen every si ...

Advice for First Time Homebuyers


We offer a wide range of home loan services at Altius Mortgage, and some of our most common customers are first time homebuyers. The process of applying for loans can be confusing ...

Learning the Monthly Mortgage Cycle


One thing that’s very rarely considered among people looking for a mortgage, especially first time home buyers, is the monthly timing of lenders and the overall market. The mortg ...

Explaining Common Mortgage Misconceptions


Securing a mortgage that’s right for you and your family is a complex and detailed process, part of the reason you come to Altius Mortgage. Our brokers will work with you to find ...

Why a Reverse Mortgage Might be Right for You


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When most of us think of a mortgage, the first thing that comes to mind is a long term expense. That’s natural, after all – for plenty of people, a home loan is the largest and ...