Factors in Lowering Home Values


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There are many factors that go into a home’s value, and if you’re searching for a new home, particularly as a first-time homebuyer, you need to be aware of these. At Altius Mor ...

Lowering Mortgage Payments Without Refinancing


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A mortgage is a long-term commitment, and for some people, finances can naturally change over the life of a longer mortgage loan. In some situations, borrowers will find themselves ...

Learning the Basics of Down Payments



When looking for a new home, particularly their first, many people are naturally concerned about the down payment. This number, which stands for the amount of cash you put down up ...

Learning About the Underwriting Process


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Within a standard mortgage process, there are elements that are handled directly between you and a lender, and there are elements handled by a third party. One of the most importan ...

Basic Mortgage Application Stages


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At Altius Mortgage and our partners at Mortgage Ogden, one of the primary services our mortgage brokers provide is a thorough and complete walk-through of the mortgage process. A h ...

When It’s Right to Wait on a Mortgage


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Buying a home is a great option for many people, and if you’re looking to be a first time home buyer, we have numerous mortgage options available for you at Altius Mortgage and o ...

Important Mortgage Terms to Know


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Buying a home can be a complex process, and for many people, it’s the largest transaction they’ll ever complete. It’s important to know the details of what you’re getting i ...

Tips for Raising Home Equity


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Within the mortgage world, “equity” is a term you’ll hear a lot. In simple terms, it refers to the difference between your home’s value and how much you owe on your mortgag ...

Avoiding Common Reverse Mortgage Pitfalls


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For seniors who have equity in a prior home loan, reverse mortgages are growing in popularity. These are loans for seniors at least 62 years of age, and allow them to pay no monthl ...

What Size of Mortgage Can You Afford?


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We’re here to help with all the technical details of a mortgage situation at Altius Mortgage and our partners at Mortgage Ogden, but that’s not all we do. Our mortgage brokers ...