Basics on Biweekly Payment Options


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Every mortgage situation is different, and due to the long-running nature of a given mortgage loan, we often don’t know exactly how our finances will be during the later stages. ...

How Condos Benefit First-Time Buyers


First Time Buyers Couple In Their New Home

If you’re a first-time buyer looking to enter the mortgage world, you have a lot of choices to make. Everything from location to price is important, but for many people, the very ...

Raising Chances of Mortgage Pre-Approval


Mortgage Application Approved Stamp Showing Home Loan Agreed

If you’re a potential homebuyer looking to set yourself apart from the competition, one great avenue to take is often a mortgage pre-approval. This process, which we’ve gone ov ...

Long Term Homeownership Benefits


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To buy, or to rent? The decision often isn’t a simple one for many people, with factors like income, future plans, expenses and many others playing a big role in which route you ...

Tips to Avoid Identity Theft


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Your credit score is an important part of getting a mortgage, as your mortgage lender wants to see your history of using and repaying credit to assess your viability as a borrower ...

Avoiding Common Credit Score Mistakes


Credit report with score on a desk

When it comes to obtaining mortgage loans, credit score is one of the single largest individual factors. Your credit score plays a big role in the kinds of mortgage rates you can g ...

2018 Home Buying Trends, Part 2


Close-up of male realtor is showing a contact with key from new apartment.

In our last blog entry, we discussed several trends facing the mortgage world in the year 2018. These trends are particularly vital for first time home buyers, who have not navigat ...

2018 Home Buying Trends, Part 1


A house on top of a table with mortgage application form, calculator, blueprints, etc..

At Altius Mortgage and our partners at Mortgage Ogden, staying on top of housing trends is one of our many points of pride. Our clients need experts with a current view of the mort ...

Basics and Payment Options for Closing Costs


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Within the purchase of a home and the obtaining of a mortgage, there’s one important area that often gets glossed over: Closing costs. These refer to various fees and payments th ...

New Year’s Resolutions for First-Time Buyers


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The first 12 months of homeownership will set the tone for your entire experience, and it’s also one of the prime periods where you can make a few smart decisions that will save ...